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Ever wonder what it's like to run a small business start-up? Annie and Chris chat with Scott Chastain, the owner and founder of Everfan, a customizable costume accessory company. Everfan bases their thriving Internet business in Thomasville, so Annie, Chris, and Scott discuss entrepreneurship, small town living, and of course, what Scott's been reading lately. 

Find Everfan online: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Podcasts mentioned: 

+ Slate Political Gabfest

+ StartUp

+ Reply All

Books mentioned: 

+ A Confederacy of Dunces

+ Catch-22

+ Catcher in the Rye

+ When Breath Becomes Air

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Turns out design is pretty much what makes the world -- and small businesses -- go 'round. Learn all about marketing and the ups and downs of social media as Annie and Chris chat with local small business consultant Dara Barwick. 

+ Dara's website

+ The Southern C Summit

+ Our interview with Sarah Turner

+ Our interview with Laura Beggs

+ Melanie Duncan podcast episodes

+ Deep South Details podcast


Annie and Chris mention: 
The Popcast


+ This American Life 

Reply All


Dara's book recommendations: 

Under the Hood 

Good to Great and the Social Sector




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