From the Front Porch

We're taking a quick break from books this week to talk about the small businesses on our street as we take you on a tour of our slice of life in the South: beautiful downtown Thomasville, GA.

Special thanks to our neighbors:
+ The Paxton
+ Sweet Grass Dairy
+ South Life Supply
+ Grassroots Coffee
+ Firefly
+ Farmer's Daughter Vineyard
+ The Hare and the Hart
+ Kathy's Shoes
+ Savannah Moon
+ Q Cafe
+ Liam's
+ Jonah's
+ Chop House on the Bricks
+ Caroline Hill
+ Fuzzy Goat
+ Smith Collective
+ Empire Bagel
+ Wildflower Interiors
+ Lapham-Patterson House
+ Jack Hadley Black History Museum 
+ Taste of Thomasville

Thanks, as always, to Forlorn Strangers for the use of our theme music. Learn and listen more here.

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